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The Gracie Diet is not just about fruits, it's about how you combine the foods you eat.

If you're new to the Gracie Diet, we suggest that you start with just one of the basic rules and make it a daily habit. After you've incorporated the first basic rule into your lifestyle, then add additional rules, one by one.

A good basic rule to start with is the basic rule about carbohydrates.

Basic Rule About Carbohydrates

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Group D -- Foods That Must Be Eaten Alone

Some foods do not combine with other foods, and must be eaten alone. Carlos Gracie (creator of the Gracie Diet) referred to these as "Group D" foods.

After you eat one of the Group D foods, you need to wait 3 to 4 hours for your body to digest it before you eat something different.

The fruits and other foods that are in Group D (and must be eaten alone) are:

Note, none of the individual fruits and foods listed above combines with any other food or even with each other. That means don't blend the juices of different citrus fruits, don't combine blackberries with raspberries, and watch the blend in fruit salad, if you want to follow the Gracie Diet.

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